Travel Accountability

Management and Reporting are Key

The effects of ever-tightening accounting rules, tax code changes and legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) are impacting even mid-size, privately companies. Travel is often one of the largest controllable expenses, providing many opportunities for discrepancies. Accountability is crucial, and the days of operating without clear policies in place for spending and reporting travel are over. Safe Harbors can help your management closely track how much is being spent on travel and where it is being spent.

End-to-End Travel Audit Trail

Many of the recent law and tax code changes require companies to implement an end-to-end audit trail. We have the know-how and technology to monitor travel policy, perform exception management and provide the comprehensive reporting needed to meet demanding documentation requirements.

Real-time Travel Scorecard

With our new real-time travel scorecard,¬†clients can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their travel programs. Our travel benchmarking tool delivers a side-by-side performance comparison with some of the largest and most respected TMC’s in the industry. Travel benchmarking is a valuable tool in evaluating trends as well as budget planning.

  • Identify and evaluate additional savings opportunities
  • Improve forecasting accuracy and the budget planning
  • Validate travel strategy and policy decisions
  • Communicate travel program performance more authoritatively