Global. Travel. Management.

These three words exemplify a three-way power partnership here to provide you with unsurpassed corporate travel service.

Our Partners in Providing and Servicing Your Travel:

Over 30 years in the travel industry.
Solid. Effective. Respected.

Safe Harbors Business Travel is a Concur Preferred Partner

The world’s leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions and services.
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Safe Harbors Business Travel is a partner of Global Star

What this means to your company or organization

You are provided with direct access to our combined priority travel system. You now have the ability to book travel online without having to compare fares, document purchases and helplessly navigate excessive fees and change orders. During our initial client assessment, you tell us what you’re looking for when you book travel for your company, and we will set you up with the most efficient and cost-effective way to find it.

Imagine, at your disposal:

  • Direct access to whatever travel you require through the Safe Harbors Business Travel partner network:
    • 85 partner travel companies in over 75 countries.
    • Within those countries, over 3,500 offices. Established companies, partners, that know what they’re doing.
    • Within those offices, over 16,000 employees. Top tier travel professionals.
  • Direct benefits of proactive globalization through conferences, media events, task forces, development of standards & process guides, and industry studies.
  • Diverse technologies based on the partner companies and regions, integrated in a powerful platform to support you.
  • Seamless integration of extensive categories of travel data. There is not a cost, rental, fee or other travel expense that will go unnoticed.

Additionally, Safe Harbors Business Travel, through our extensive worldwide partnerships are Duty of Care experts.