Defining Service

The Product

Business Travel is a service industry. A service profession. What we do and how well we do it directly contributes to the success of our clients.

Getting business professionals where they have to be when they have to be there and back, safely and on time, is critical, and Safe Harbors Business Travel takes this responsibility very seriously.

The Promise

How one business can truly prove itself over others is by more masterfully executing that which is sometimes utterly undefinable -- service.

What a crazy, valuable, valueless, overused, overly exploited, necessary term. Yet, you want and deserve it, and it is incumbent upon us to define it and prove that we provide it.

The Purpose

As a business or organization, you know that despite the tremendous progress in business communications technology, business people still need to see other business people.

And businesses understand that arranging efficient, in every sense of the word, travel is best delegated to travel professionals who effectively handle the complicated maneuvering required before anyone leaves the ground.

Many in our business use similar technologies, techniques, and of course, many of the same airlines, rental car companies, hotels and other providers.

So, to that end, here is how Safe Harbors Business Travel defines service:

Our people learn your business
and your people.

We will learn and adapt to the types of travel you need, likely destinations and travel frequency, accounting requirements and to whom within your group we are accountable. We never forget who the client is, and we mean that in a very specific way. Your company travel profile is developed, and we use it to guide us as we fulfill your travel needs. Whether your people travel light, with formidable trade show installations, for extended periods or to potentially unstable regions, Safe Harbors Business Travel can not only meet your requirements, but give you the benefit of our experience regardless of the complexity of the travel.

You have systems.
It is up to us to adapt to yours.

Your company operates the way your company operates. We respect that, and we will become a seamless part of your systems. You tell us whether we interact with your CFO or human resources, or both. Advise us as to the level of detail you need for each trip, and we will provide it. If you have certain billing requirements, we likely have a way to accommodate you. Safe Harbors Business Travel uses technical and personal sophistication without complication and provides levels of detail you might not have imagined were possible.

You can ask if you’d like,
but you won’t have to.

The eternal travel question: “Is this the lowest rate available for the travel I need?” The answer will always be yes. And with Safe Harbors Business Travel, that means something. With our buying power, relationships with airlines and other travel service providers, experienced staff and knowledge of every pricing trend and trick in the industry, we will secure for you the best prices available. We value our client relationships for the long haul, and we strive to concretely reduce your travel costs and strengthen your bottom line.

If you would like to learn more about our very serious commitment to service, please read our Mission Statement here.

To ask us any questions or contact us about your travel needs, please call us at 877.860.8112.